LOOK & LISTEN: The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain looks critically at the cause and function of creativity in the human mind. Led by Neuroscientist David Eagleman, it dives into the root of the creative process and asks: how can we harness this in our daily lives? This documentary is studded with big names and successful stories, and proves how essential creativity is for our progress and happiness as humans. The film explores compelling examples of creativity in action, by tapping into some of the most creative minds and finding out what makes them tick. Creativity is not only crucial for innovation and forward progress the field of fine arts, but also in science, cuisine, and every other field pushing the boundaries of

Katherine Duclos

Vancouver based artist Katherine Duclos creates compositions and collages that offer escape to another world. Duclos invokes familiar colours, textures, and forms to create scenes that are captivatingly strange. She toes the line between representation and abstraction, allowing us to understand a visual cue and then subverting its context. Working playfully with scale to create works ranging from miniature to massive, she offers unique experiences with each body of work. Their colour palettes are vibrant against muted, creating an entry point for our own memories to exist within her dream-like landscapes. Natural elements are pushed further with rainbow arcs and heavy ovals, allowing for a l

Faye Wei Wei

Faye Wei Wei is a British artist who composes romantic paintings that come together in an impressively organic and consistent body of work. Thin and transparent paint is and applied with quick mark making, creating decisive forms and injecting movement into her figures. The sketch-like quality of Wei Wei's work creates an impression of hastily recorded memories from a vision or dream, we can almost feel the urgency as she captures the fleeting images. We love these dreamlike paintings and the stories they tell about their creation. The titles allude to the unknown spaces and characters depicted, poetically telling their stories or offering humorous relief from the tension within the work, in

Issac Watamaniuk

Kitchener ON based artist Issac Watamaniuk creates abstract paintings that explore the dynamic compositions found within urban landscapes. Using hard edge shapes, Watamaniuk paints optical illusions that are juxtaposed with the flatness of the solid colour fields to create depth in an unexpected way. In exhibition, the paintings also employ unexpected installation practices, uniquely interacting with props and wall elements to invite the viewer to examine the interactions between the work and surrounding architecture. The forms on the surface mirror these relationships and act as windows into a geometric world. Watamaniuk’s use of bright, bold colours offer a dreamlike take on the monochroma