VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 6: Blackburn, Bullôt, Teddie-Stursberg, Daignault, Smithers-Crump

This Virtual Gathering is a curation of works that investigate the planetary condition. These works examine our interrelationship with our planet, exploring themes of overconsumption, climate change and how we shape this earth. Amid the demands for action against the ecological crisis, it is important to have art that empowers, educates, shocks and inspires viewers into examining their own planetary existence. Jordan Blackburn Maligne Bagged 16x20 inch screenprint on birch plywood Wara Bullôt Know Where Alex Tedlie-Stursberg Everything Flows Mixed Media Cynthia Daignault Elegy (Angel Oak) Margaret Smithers-Crump Surge 2014, Acrylic on translucent Plexiglass 93 x 82 x 5 inches #virtualgatheri

Melissa Borrell

. Melissa Borell is a Texas based installation artist that employs light and colour to activate spaces for her viewers. Module shapes are constructed to create a form that references both by geometry and nature. The shadows created by the piece become part of the installation itself as Borell's art merges with its installation environment. Her works are created from vibrantly coloured pieces of wood or acrylic sheets. Materials are layered so that light and colour can flow through the piece like a breath of life into the work. We love the way Melissa Borell's installations appear as though they will continue to grow across the wall indefinitely. These beautiful works encourage viewers

Hailey Guzik

Montreal based artist Hailey Guzik creates expressive paintings that employ perceptual illusions to explore the interactions of natural and manufactured landscapes. Constructed by each individual mark that Guzik applies to the canvas, the landscapes radiate a sense of assemblage, like a collage of brush marks. The buildup of texture with paint is contrasted with the flatness of the image, with depth indicated subtly through colourful gradients. This impasto and evidence of the scraping away of paint contribute to a strong sense of materiality present in Guzik's work. The paintings themselves act as investigations into their own construction. Hailey Guzik's work challenges perceptions of the

Nathan Cann

Maritime artist Nathan Cann uses new media and experimental printmaking techniques to create monotypes that explore the haunting of lands. The dwellings which at first may seem benign, under closer inspection reveal reflections of their ghostly forests. The chilling visual effect is created through a printmaking practice involving both xylene and acetone monotypes. This unearthing of hidden secrets within the architecture of New Brunswick is impressively eerie and evokes immediate contemplation between industry, the wilderness, and Canada's eastern coast. A fantastic contrast is present between the detailed architecture and the powerfully sharp mark making seen throughout Nathan Cann's work.

Todd Lambeth

Todd Lambeth is dedicated to investigating the relationship between colour and abstraction. The Victoria based artist presents painted mazes that read like collages and captivate our eye with figure ground reversals. Lambeth's brightly coloured shapes are references to cubism and camouflage but are saturated with digital influences and popular culture. These combinations create a jungle like environment where we feel alert and confronted by colour and hard edged shapes. The titles of these works hint at inspiration from life. Lambeth references experiences, animals, medical afflictions and the weather, forcing us to question the connection between these layered shapes and the natural world.