Hazel Eckert

St. John's based artist Hazel Eckert explores colour through a digital lens with her series of soft abstract photographs. Soft Focus captures the ephemeral compositions created by time lag glitches on smartphones. Eckert's out-of-focus photographs offer a suggestion of an image that is just moments away from appearing, placing a veil of disorientation over the screens we constantly consume. Each one asks the viewer to pause and meditate on the instant abstraction and presents an opportunity for the stimulated eye to rest and reset. As we puzzle over the soft blurs of colour, we consider the blinding speed in which images are created for our visual indulgence. Hazel Eckert's work earnestly qu

Emma Childs

American artist Emma Childs creates captivating abstract paintings that delve into the possibilities of minimal composition. Childs' forms extend beyond the edges the paintings and dictate the shape of the canvases. Irregular geometry on their surfaces create skewed angles and complimentary corners, and the works are given an extra dose of drama with a pop of colour or a deep shadow wrapping around the perimeter. Each composition is built up in layers, with the matte colours sitting in the frame like a still life object, one in front of the other. Her pastel drenched palette is punctuated with deep blacks and crisp neons, colour combinations that keep our eyes entranced. We love how Emma Chi

Elise Puddy

Guelph-based artist Elise Puddy surrenders control to the materials of drawing to create captivatingly enigmatic graphic work. Tendrils of graphite and pools of ink create intricacies to pull the viewer in, their fluidity allowing them to exist as shape shifters, conveying a bird's eye view or the depths of the ocean floor. As Puddy states, they have an ability "to change identity from; terrestrial to cosmic, atomic to macroscopic, biological to mineral, but still remain ambiguous." Allowing the element of chance to be a crucial part of her process, Puddy has built a practice that feels akin to a scientific experiment, it is an exploration of the possibilities of drawing. Elise Puddy invites

Jane Guthleben

Jane Guthleben is an artist working in Sydney, Australia, who carefully collects natural elements in her environment and preserves them in oil paint. Guthleben's body of work "Ornament" is filled with thick, juicy brushstrokes that mix muted pinks with muddy greens, allowing each layer to sit on top of the one below with decisive mark making. The texture of the flora she selects is echoed through the texture of the paint she uses to recreate them, and her ability to capture intricate detail while keeping each composition loose and not overworked creates dynamic compositions. The inclusion of cow skulls and fallen flower petals push these paintings over the line of still life and into the sym