LOOK & LISTEN: Blurred Lines, Inside the Art World

Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World offers an overarching look at the art world, featuring influential artists and art world professionals who are making waves in creative fields. The film is broken up into "Lots" which encompass a large range of topics such as the market, artists, dealers, and collectors. It offers insight and highlights the artworld's often self contradicting nature. The documentary explains that the contemporary art market has a global audience, where artists such as Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel, and Marina Abramovic have succeeded in pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an artist. When viewed from a career building mindset, it presents an intriguing perspective

Steve Fortier

Vancouver based painter Steve Fortier creates pixelated acrylic works that breakdown photographs through colour and repetition. Beaches, sunsets, flowers, and other idyllic subjects are transformed into pattern; their resemblances are obscured, yet offered to the viewer through the revealing title of the work. Each painting contains a colour palette that is vibrant and broad, with complex colour mixing and careful execution. He varies each composition, building his abstractions from circles, squares, and geometric forms so crisp that they leap from the canvas. Steve Fortier's painting process is labour-intensive and he has created an impressively cohesive body of work. We can't imagine how l

Angeline Simon

Angeline Simon is an artist based out of Lethbridge, Alberta who works in many disciplines including photography, collage, and installations. Her series of sculptures caught our attention with their powerful message. Simon creates replicas of everyday items that seem to shrug with insignificance; a styrofoam container, a coffee cup, a pair of pill bottles. These overlooked, disposable items are so tenderly recreated in plaster or coated in wax they appear as artifacts, mementos of the flawed human existence. They stand as beautiful and stoic sculptures, however they create a passionate response in their viewers. Through Simon's hand, the function of each original object has been removed, bri

Jennifer Carvalho

Toronto based painter Jennifer Carvalho offers us windows into landscapes so saturated they threaten to overflow the surface of the canvas. Carvalho's brushstrokes are soft and diluted, creating a chilling haze within each scene that rises off water and floats between trees. Within this muted atmosphere, vibrant forest greens and punchy corals offer a display of life surviving in the harsh environment Carvalho has created. Each painting depicts a moment frozen in time, flowers forever in bloom and leaves that will never fall, however their perpetuality is unsettling rather than comforting. These works build a sense of dread within their darkness, and we view them with bated breath, waiting f

Thank you.

My residency has come to an end, but my creative path continues. Although geometric combinations, at times, serves as a visual language for my work, it is important to practice and maintain flexibility within that creative space. This residency has pushed me into new and uncomfortable places within my process. It has served as a neutral space to de-construct the foundation of my practice. The opportunity to observe from different angles and approach with new perspectives has inspired growth. Thus becoming a more effective member in my community as an artist. Thank you to The Gathered Gallery for inviting me to participate this month. Also, thank you to everyone who followed my journey. I ho