Emily Moores

Emily Moores is an Ohio based artist creating spectacularly intricate and immersive paper installations. Moores works are an explosion of colour and texture. They encompass the viewer, delicate mesh is suspended from the ceiling and thick ribbons of colour are built up and buckle across walls and windows. The structures have a presence that is powerful and strong, yet their materiality is playfully fragile; it could be destroyed by a single movement. The palettes for Moore's work add to their saturation, ultramarine blues, creamy whites, and vibrant fuchsias highlight the incredible surfaces created in each space. Emily Moores' work is lavish and full of life, each one could be the aftermath

Nicole Katsuras

Toronto based artist Nicole Katsuras paints vibrant, dynamic compositions that sit thickly on the surface of each canvas. Spirals, blobs, and swirls are built up into vibrating, frantically energetic abstractions that suggest an island floating in a rough sea or a city nestled into an unforgiving hillside. Each work is filled with an abundance of marks and brushstrokes, keeping our eye moving from detail to detail. Katsuras saturates her practice with a stunning colour palette of banana yellow, neon oranges, and cobalt blues, cheerful choices that increase the contrast in her unique paint application. Nicole Katsuras' practice is an exploration of the very nature of painting itself, the many

Michelle MacKinnon

Michelle MacKinnon is a Corner Brook, NL, based artist creating incredibly intricate graphite drawings of textile surfaces and corporal fragments. The series "not quite perfect" flawlessly exemplifies her ability to capture not only the incredible detail and likeness of her subject, but her affection for it as well. In MacKinnon's work, rows of knitted yarn are meticulously recreated, and fingers knit tightly together are filled with life on the page. Flesh and fibre are placed side by side, highlighting their common softness, subtle patterns, and coexisting beauty and function. These drawings are steeped with love, it sits between each deconstructed row and ragged crease. Through the labour

Anastasia DiGiallondaro

California based artist Anastasia DiGiallondaro creates stunning, sun washed paintings. DiGiallondaro's work depicts desert landscapes that have been abstracted into flat planes of colour and clean, crisp edges. Their colour palette is warm and muted, with pastel corals and burnt siennas. The combinative effect of these elements are calming and peaceful compositions that allow us to clearly imagine the scenes she draws inspiration from. Anastasia DiGiallondaro brings her surroundings to life in her work and each painting makes us want to bask in the California heat. They have us dreaming of a desert paradise! #artbullet #artblog

Florence Solis

For the month of June Florence Solis will be showing her painting "Portrait of a Lady" in the Howard Park Institute Window Gallery! The combination of abstract mark making with the various perspectives of the women are compelling and captivating. We adore this work by Florence! Located at 2088 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON! Check it out until the end of the month. #windowgallery