Dan Lam

Dan Lam is an artist who creates objects that are gorgeous, gross, charming, and captivating - all at the same time. Lam's sculptures make us nostalgic. Their surfaces are hard to place; are they slimy, spikey or furry? They resemble silly putty, slime, or play dough creations, and their dripping limbs ooze over ledges. Their relation to a child's toy is enhanced by their electric tinged colour palette, their bright colour gradients and sparkling surfaces shimmer with a vibrant energy. They urge the viewer to tough their spines or squeeze their round edges, yet they are also animalistic and abject, a slumbering monster threatening to wake and spill uncontrollably towards us. These alien crea

Anne Moran & Robert Brown

Arizona based art duo Anne Moran and Robert Brown collaborate to create multi-faceted wall sculptures from small, carefully made pieces. Moran & Brown work with industrial materials such as aluminum to create mosaic-like compositions. Each work is composed of clean, geometric shapes, often with three-dimensional elements that shimmer and glow when the surface catches the light. Their colour palette is drawn from nature, with sea greens and fiery oranges. The works of Anne Moran and Robert Brown are both awe-inspiring and relaxing. They are large and impressive when hung on a wall, and their soothing gradients and meticulous construction create a meditative experience. #artbullet #artblog

Shawn O'Hagan

Shawn O'Hagan is an artist based in Western Newfoundland who creates joyful, energetic, and intuitive textile collages. O'Hagan's work is all about the process, allowing each step to indicate the direction of the finished work. As she states, her work is about "the pure joy of making," and this love for her creative practice and working with her hands shines through each piece. These textile collages are small, intricate, and full of gorgeous details, qualities that celebrate labour intensive work requiring concentration and contemplation. She allows the designs of her vintage fabric materials to influence their design and rhythm, bringing the weight of their histories and previous purposes

Kelsey Shultis

Kelsey Shultis is a painter exploring the possibilities of oil on paper, with a result that is simply stunning. Shultis depicts loose landscapes that sit softly on the surface of the paper. Her brushstrokes build up into the foreground, becoming thick and buttery with paint to add ocean waves, long grasses, and sporadic florals. This contrast of textures resembles the clean and careful nature of embroidery, adding to the delicate charm of this work. The scenes Shultis depicts are windows into a dream-like, idyllic world, with warm pink skies and flowers in vibrant bloom, each scene invites us into its calm paradise. Kelsey Shultis' paintings are quick and decisive, displaying her impressive

Art & Language

I've been revisiting some older work and thinking a lot about the importance language played in my earlier paintings. I have always been greatly inspired by poetry and much of my earlier work included poetry, prose or singular words that would help shift how one would understand or read an image. Artists like Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Gillian Wearing and Tracey Emin all played a role in my growing interest in text based artworks which began in my undergrad. I incorporated text in my paintings for years after art school and unknowingly there was a shift in its purpose. I found myself relying on words for graphic and compositional reasons. I felt as though I was hiding behind something. Rat