VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 5: Smith, Hahn, Duckhouse, Lawes, Procska, Okada

This virtual curation is a collection of prints across a variety of processes, including screenprinting, etching, and monoprinting. Vibrant palettes and crisp edges bring these works together in a cohesive exhibition, while contrasting opacities and textures bring tension to the grouping. These abstractions are an exploration of colour and form, pushing the possibilities of composition and printing technique. Suzie Smith In Turns / Constructions Rachel Hahn Division (Purple and Red), 2017 Silkscreen on canvas 54"x54" Rachel Duckhouse Shell Architecture i Etching 70cm x 95cm Jonathan Lawes Print on Print Walter Procska Artist's Folding Instructions # 8" 30 1/4" x 44 3/8" Paper: Somerset - Ed


After a recent move to Ottawa with my partner I have been obsessing over this word, ‘togetherness’, the state of being close to another person or other people. I think growing up in Newfoundland, you become familiar with the isolation associated with living on an island. Even if you grew up in a larger town, you still recognize the vastness of the land versus the population and have most likely visited smaller communities on the brink of resettlement. With this said there is a strong sense of togetherness, not just with those around you, but a deep embedded connection to the environment. Now I find myself in an urban environment, where the city population is almost double the population

Jenny Kastner

Ontario-based artist Jenny Kastner creates gorgeous landscape paintings that burst with colour and whimsy. Aligning herself with the tradition of capturing the Canadian wilderness, which was pioneered by the infamous Group of Seven, Kastner adds her own voice to this engaging dialogue. Every inch of her work is dynamic, pulling the eyes around the canvas with little rest. She fills each painting with line and colour, depicting dense forests, rippling waters, and rolling skies. She highlights the natural world with pops of neon colour, and gives each work an energy that vibrates off the surface. Jenny Kastner's paintings bring the Canadian forest alive, we love how you can almost feel the wi

Ricardo Paniagua

Op Art is always fascinating, and this work by Ricardo Paniagua is no exception! Paniagua's works are captivating constructions both in their three-dimensional wooden structures and their graphic, geometric surface designs, elements that compliment and compete with each other for a mind-bending final effect. He creates illusion of line and shadow that make us question their reality, with intricate patterns that expand and repeat in vibrant shades. In Ricardo Paniagua's work, we see cubes, circles, triangles, diamonds, and every shape between, all created from or enhanced by his illusions. We would love to see this work in person so we could truly appreciate the optical effects in action! #ar

Marsi Van De Heuvel

Marsi Van De Heuvel creates intricate, detailed paintings with fineliner pens instead of a paintbrush. Van De Heuvel's work, upon first glance, suggests a variety of disciplines. Their vibrant colour choices imply paintings, while their careful, linear nature evoke a delicate weaving or embroidery. In reality, her material of choice aligns more with an office supply store than a fine art shop, and these drawings are labour intensive and satisfyingly controlled. Her natural subject matter, including blooming flowers and trees, are revealed within the layers of linework, as this series offers a contemporary nod to pointillism's entrancing effects. Marsi Van De Heuvel's works, despite their den

An Introduction

Hello fans and followers of the Gathered Gallery. I am Mike Gough, the current artist in residence. Throughout the month of February I will be sharing glimpses into my art practice as I prepare for an upcoming solo exhibtion with Jones Gallery in Saint John, New Brunswick. Okay, let’s dive in… ABOUT ME I was born and raised in Corner Brook, NL where I also went to art school. I finished my bachelor of fine arts at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in 2007 and a few years later moved to London, UK where I completed an MFA at Central Saint Martins. My time in London helped me find my voice. Shortly following my MFA I returned to Newfoundland where I began to exhibit my work with Christina Parker