INTERVIEW: Catherine Beaudette

Catherine Beaudette is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario and Duntara, Newfoundland & Labrador. She is the founder of 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects and Bonavista Biennale which had its inaugural exhibition in 2017 on the Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland & Labrador. In Toronto she is director of Howard Park Institute, a window gallery on Dundas West, and founder of Loop Gallery, a collective gallery in the arts district. We spoke with her about her experience launching creative initiatives, living in multiple locations, and how these impact her painting practice. To watch a short video from our conversation with Catherine, please click here! Where did you grow up and when did y

Laura Findlay

Laura Findlay is a Toronto based artist whose charming depictions of bats offer a new perspective of these nocturnal creatures. Her paintings are murky and dream-like, with dark pigments decisively painted over fluid, fluorescent underpaintings, like a cloak of night surrounding their glowing figures. The bats are shown in their element, with wings spread in flight or ears perked high to observe their surroundings. She captures their unique characters and personalities in each painting, with their quirky facial expressions that are amazingly evocative. However, as we get caught up in their midnight world, Findlay allows her material of choice remind us of their painted reality, with streaks,

Tommy Kwak

Brooklyn based photographer Tommy Kwak captures stunning vistas and unique perspectives of the natural world. Kwak's series "Seascapes II" offers soft, abstracted views of ocean scenes. Horizon lines, which are often crisp and grounding, are subdued into temperate suggestions. His colour palette of rich blues and soft pastels are cool and calming, with gradients working their way across each frame. Movement streaks each image, suggesting the motion of water and sky as hills are transformed into rolling waves and clouds become a rippling reflection. The line between sea and sky, earth and heaven is sublimely and stunningly blurred. Each of Tommy Kwak's seascapes are left anonymous, allowing t

Danny Joe Rose III

American artist Danny Joe Rose III explores the limits of abstraction with his colourful work. Rose doesn't limit himself to a single medium, creating with oil paint, pastels, collage, paper, latex, and even enamel on wood. We especially love the acrylic and latex collages in his series "Gust." These works are small, simple, and compositionally brilliant. Their playful layering reveals the order of assemblage, hinting at their process and materiality. The subtle shadows that are created when one piece stacks on top of another brings an impressive level of depth to these flat colourscapes. Danny Joe Rose III's compositions bring to mind a puzzle trying to be solved, and each work has an endl

Julia Balfour

We are so excited to present Julia Balfour as January's artist showing in Howard Park Institute Gallery! Her painting "New Mauve" is a mix of watercolour and paper on canvas and offers a peaceful and bright moment in a typically gloomy time of year. We adore Julia's work and are happy to share her work with you! Located at 2088 Dundas Street West, Toronto ON, please check it out until the end of the month. #windowgallery

Amber Imrie

Amber Imrie is an artist working in the San Francisco Bay area who blends the disciplines of textile and photography. Imrie's photographs are printed on cotton, allowing them to wrinkle, buckle, and billow. The imagery is at the whims of the flexible fabric, as it creates texture, shadow, and even embroidered linework that competes with its printed surface. Imrie's disruption to the paper and photograph tradition allows her selected fibres to carry the image beyond its rectangular constraints. Skies transform into braided thread, and long grasses softly fall onto the gallery floor. While photography often feels cold and untouchable, these supple sculptures are inviting and comforting, remin