Amanda McCavour

Amanda McCavour is an artist based in Toronto who focuses her practice on machine embroidery to combine the disciplines of craft and art. McCavour sews onto dissolvable fabric, turning her embroidered designs, which by nature are considered additive decoration, into a final, independent work. Each design is a drawing captured in thread, with intricate line work and compositions that emphasize it's laborious and time consuming nature. The supplemental function of McCavours embroideries is removed and the focus is shifted onto their significance as a stand alone object. McCavour then uses the scale and sheer amount of these floating embroideries to create immersive spaces the viewer can move i

Rebekah Andrade

Toronto based artist Rebekah Andrade's paintings are bright, whimsical, and uniform in a pleasantly unapologetic way. Repetition is a crucial element Andrade's work. She pushes the limits of her chosen forms, tweaking their composition possibilities. Her approach appears driven by the search for an ideal design, an exploration of abstraction and perfection. The subtleties create a level of interest that is impressive in such a cohesive body of work. Andrade employs playful, vibrant colours, including orange, lavender, and teal, which she grounds with a graphic use of black throughout. Various line weights add dynamic rhythm in the curves that wind their way around the canvas. The contracting

REVIEW: Hazel Eckert's "Over Time"

Hazel Eckert's exhibition Over Time is a product of The Room's Elbow Room Residency Program, an opportunity that boasts a private studio, dedicated staff support, and the ability to create work for a specific gallery space. However, the advantage perhaps the most important to Eckert was the focused, temporal, and intensive nature of this program, in which artists produce a body of work in a three-month studio window. This nature flawlessly reinforces the resulting exhibition’s exploration of time and memory. The viewer is encompassed by a towering, shimmering, cascade of fabric banners hung from the ceiling when walking into Eckhert's gallery space. In her work [Slow] Drift, each soft strip

Meghan Dauphinee

British Columbia based artist Meghan Dauphinee embroiders portraits that are steeped in nature. By combining the disciplines of textile and photography she is able to create an innovative new series of work. Dauphinee embraces the texture of thread and the effective way it mimics the fibers of the natural world. The softness of the thread also suggests the soft and imperfect quality of skin, using the materials to their full aesthetic power. The link between person and foliage is further enhanced by her carefully curated colour palette, full of warm earth tones such as soft greens and warm browns. The projected environment appears to respond to each subjects appearance and suggests a harmoni

Amanda Clyne

Toronto based artist Amanda Clyne creates vibrant and complex paintings referencing historical still life paintings with a contemporary twist. Clyne employs vertical strips of an image, offering an incomplete view of a beautiful floral arrangement. Each painting is a collage of multiple images into a single composition. The layers this creates adds to their complexity and are delightfully intricate. The work is comprised of a variety of thick and thin lines, giving the paintings a satisfying rhythm. This also references the visual language of digital imagery such as barcodes, image glitches, and photography. Clyne's subject of flowers themselves are overflowing with symbolism. They can sugge