Adam Lee

Australian artist Adam Lee creates beautiful and evocative paintings that reference spiritual narratives surrounding the temporality of life. Lee's paintings are largely composed of thin washes of paint, built up to create areas of soft, dream-like imagery that fight against their concrete finished detailing. He increases the intensity of his colours by carefully selecting their complementaries, such as a vibrant yellow and deep navy, which radiate off each other. The accompanying text of Lee's exhibition, This Earthen Tent, explains that, "the works are often accompanied by a foreboding sense of regeneration, which has less to do with any sort of apocalyptic revelation, but rather what th

Audrey Stone

Brooklyn based artist Audrey Stone creates clean and minimal explorations in design and composition. Stone lays down thin lines of paint that shifts, sometimes subtly and other times dramatically, between colours. These linear transitions give a wide range of beautiful gradients and rainbow-like effects and the colours used effectively evoke drama and emotion for the viewer. Patterns and colours are satisfyingly mirrored to create striking repetition within her canvases as well as between each work. The lines of colour evoke the rings in a tree, suggesting both her process and the passage of time. Their subtle shifts in form convey motion. For example, in Stone's work entitled Close, the vie


A Place of Silence Mike Gough is a painter currently based in St. John's. His minimal, mixed media work explores the ephemerality of love and relationships and the consistency of landscape and the natural world. What does an average day in the studio look like? Do you have a set routine, a preferred time to work, or anything that helps you get in the zone? I’ve always been an artist who works at night. It’s a time when I feel most focused; it’s quiet and I am undisturbed. Often I’ll begin with drawing because it’s delicate and intimate. From there I introduce paint and pastel. I guess I’m a physical painter, and by that I mean I’ll sometimes use my fingers to apply paint and create smudges

Michael Harnish

Michael Harnish is an artist working in LA whose loose, floral paintings created from quirky paper and photograph collages have a soft and vintage charm. Harnish's practice has two seemingly separate bodies of work, he creates paintings with a quick and decisiveness that push against his series of the well-studied flower, painted to photographic perfection. The subjective work sustain a sketch-like quality that is pushed further by their drastic crops and layers of pattern and neon colour. His paintings are built as collages and then recreated in thick, playful brushstrokes. He allows his reference material to come through in the final paintings by allowing their white, polaroid-like border