Paolo Arao

Brooklyn artist Paolo Arao creates beautiful striped collages that are made of fabric and coloured pencils on paper. Arao's series "Flagettes" play with colour, pattern, and flat, geometric shapes both within the work and through the shape of the work itself. He employs repeating triangles and skewed rectangles and explores the boundaries of symmetry. Each piece within the series is displayed as a diptych, and each half either matches so perfectly they could almost be a photocopy or is slightly varied with a few moments of colour shifts in the designs. However there is evidence of his hand in each work through imperfect lines and frayed edges, revealing the labour and materiality of the fin

Exhibition: Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors, a traveling exhibition is currently on display at the AGO and I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the show and join the crowds of people attempting to get the best photo of Kusama’s work. The six Infinity Rooms are intertwined with Kusama’s paintings, sculptures and photos sharing her journey as an artist. While the lines for the Infinity Rooms are long, there is plenty to take in while waiting. Kusama’s path to becoming the prolific artists she is today began when living in New York City from 1958 to 1973. She started working with her signature dot motif in paintings and sculptures. Her first Infinity Room was built in 1965 explores her fear of sex, featur

Anke Roder

Dutch artist Anke Roder creates breathtakingly modern landscapes with a traditional but rewarding medium she has painted to perfection. Roder's work is constructed by building up layers of coloured wax that results in an entrancing, textured surface. Although they appear effortlessly simple upon first glace, colours from previous layers reveal themselves and add an impressive complexity. These layers build up and break against each other, giving way to patches of colour that assert themselves as rocks, waves, and landforms with minimal suggestion. Roder drags the wax off the edge of the panel in a thick, carefree, way that resemblances the effects from a film camera, with streaks that resemb

Min Sun Lee

Min Sun Lee, an artist based in Brooklyn, creates colourful and lighthearted collages. They are charmingly diverse with an effective and satisfying simplicity. Each collage feels intuitively composed, with unique rhythm and carefully considered forms. The use of layers is the core technique employed in Lee's work, a strategy creating a dynamic energy that builds up as the forms do. The shapes feel like scraps of paper in their spontaneity, yet each piece has a precision and a cleanness in it's lines that indicates their preciousness. While there are minimal suggestions of perspective, Lee's use of light and dark creates an effective level of depth and contrast. The use of a broad colour pal

Laura Jones

Australian artist Laura Jones' latest exhibition "Bleached" captures our attention and represents the health of The Great Barrier Reef. The loose brush work that Jones effortlessly executes allows for thin washes and thick built up paint, perfectly depicting the movement of water or the density of the coral. While not held back by the restraints of photographic representation, the paintings are based on Jones' research residencies and epitomize her emotional response to the devastation she witnessed. The exhibition title speaks to the impending consequences of environmental damage and Jones' sculpture work punctuate this message with a stark and literal representation of bleached coral. The