COLLECTOR'S ITEM: Alexander Calder

Currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City is Alexander Calder's 1939 whimsical mobile Lobster Trap and Fish Tail. This delicate and interactive sculpture is as enchanting now as it was in the year of its creation. This mechanical interpretation of elements from marine life helped to pioneer mobiles and the creation of kinetic works. Calder has said about his work "Just as one can compose colours, or forms, so one can compose motions." His sculpture is brought alive by the air that surrounds it, and can be controlled and interacted with the breath and movement of the viewer. These movements mirror lapping waves or the current of the ocean floor, and the dancing shadows

Annyen Lam

Toronto based artist Annyen Lam's multidisciplinary practice focuses on delicately intricate papercuts that blow us away. Lam's practice incorporates and blurs the lines between a number of disciplines, by combining printmaking, papercutting, and installation. Her installations create windows into a papercut world of imaginary natural landscape and fantasy-like spaces. Viewers are invited to look deeper into each piece through a viewfinder that both draws you in and controls your perspective. Upon closer inspection into each scene, more and more detail reveals itself. She pushes the vistas back and forth between representation and abstraction. They have a gravitas and theatricality that is e

Ester Pugliese

Toronto based artist Ester Pugliese creates atmospheric multi media work on wood panel. Each piece is steeped in the observation and appreciation of nature, and acts as a reflection of our ever-changing environment. Her works are made up of many layers, each one emerging from the one below it. This results in overgrown crystallizations and floating colour forms on their brightly colour surfaces. There is a consistent use of contrast in these works, with the organic and the linear competing to be the focal point. Pugliese shifts her subjects back and forth between abstraction and representation, allowing natural depiction to give way to explorations of line and texture. Their centralized weig

Honor Freeman

Australian artist Honor Freeman works with porcelain ceramics to recreate everyday objects such as sponges, soap, and cinder blocks. These functional items are transformed into purely aesthetic meditations on time. Freeman's work explores the often overlooked parts of our daily routines and makes them beautiful! The objects shift from their natural ephemeral states because Freeman's soap are frozen in time and are unable to be washed away. While there likeness is preserved, they now function only as markers for the passage of time. Freeman "seek[s] to make visible the relationship between us and the objects we use, the gestures, mundane activities and humble objects, like small markers silen

Suzanne Unrein

New York City based artist Suzanne Unrein creates vibrant works that explore paint, the animal form, and human nature. Unrein's work is saturated with bright colours built up by layers of quick washes. The brisk, energetic lines and colours create a dramatic sense of tension within each piece. The mark making is loose and flowing, blending to create a muddy atmosphere. Unrein's unbound sketches reveal the process behind resolved final paintings. This starting point is evident in the finished work, as paint is treated almost as a drawing material on the surface of the canvas. Soft and hard lines push back and forth, causing subjects to emerge from and sink into the background. When pushed for