This weekend is the 18th Annual Art Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre and here is just a few of the amazing pieces at the fair! Be sure to go check them out for yourself! Angela Teng She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, 2017 Detail Angela Teng She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, 2017 Series of 10 paintings, flocking and oil on canvas Sheila Kerman Would You Stay to Listen?, 2017 Mixed Media Zachary Logan Green Man, 2012 Chalk Pastel on Paper Colleen Heslin Ninja, 2017 Dye on Linen Anthony Burnham Beside itself, motionless, 2016 Acrylic on Canvas Jeanie Riddle Steps and Picket Sign, 2017 Acrylic on Canvas, Wood Marigold Santos only you can love me like you love me (ocotillo and yuccas), 2017 Acry


Miel and D'Ari of the musical duo VILLAS invited us into their Prince Edward County farmhouse to discuss their music, their transition out of the city, and their non-profit program Dark Spark. How did you guys meet? M: Long answer. I was travelling in Northern Africa and I had a one-way ticket to a placement in Rwanda after graduating from school. I had basically written a couple of songs on my guitar. This was years ago, when I was doing more of a singer song-writer focus. I was always in this cafe in the middle of the Sahara desert and I get this email from a tour manager at the time who had heard some of my music online. He said I would love to introduce you to this person D’Ari from th


Michigan artist IRSKIY creates digital illustrations full of rhythm and energy. His repetitive use of line, colour, and layering come together as a cohesive body of work. Flat colourfields are digitally cut and pasted on IRSKIY's "canvases" to create compositions that feel like loud dance floors and bright aerobics classes. Fun, energetic colours such as salmon, lavender, canary yellow, and bubblegum pink are grounded by heavy black that brings them into the sphere of early graphic novels. He describes his work as a "visual diary" of the architecture and music of the 1980's. While IRSKIY's vibrant patterns may reference the 80's, they are still very in line with the trends of this era. These

INTERVIEW: Jane Walker

Bonavista based artist Jane Walker speaks about her current exhibition, her time in Glasgow, and her exciting collaborative project! In your practice, you use unusual materials in a traditional technique. What draws you to steel wool as a rug hooking material, and what is the significance of it for you? Are you drawn to any other unusual materials? When I think about the history of rug hooking -- as a textile practice that comes from using whatever is available -- I often consider using materials that put ideas about resourcefulness into question. I've worked with some other unusual materials, primarily old man's beard lichen that I have preserved with glycerin. I first started experimentin

Melissa Mohammadi

San Francisco based artist Melissa Mohammadi uses nature as a clear source of inspiration but lets her imagination have full reign. Mohammadi 's drawings blend layers and colour with abstracted and rendered subject matter. The crisp contour lines in the foreground layers compete with the loose watercolour washes in the background and create a satisfying contrast. To reinforce this, the transparency of these contoured objects increases their ability to become lost within the background. While all forms seem steeped with intent, their imperfection and variance between decisive and explorative shifts the work between rough and delicate. Mohammadi's colours and subjects reference underwater esc

Lori Glavin

American artist Lori Glavin has an interdisciplinary practice that spans painting, collage, and textiles. All of her work, and her textiles in particular have an energy and tactility that we can't get enough of. Glavin creates pleasing textures with unique vintage materials like paper and fabric. Pattern emerges from thread and blocks of stitched together colour, and draw-like lines, weave through the compositions. The resulting forms resemble rough blueprints or a foldable paper template. Glavin's work has an honesty and nostalgia that comes from the imperfect lines and frayed edges, as well as colours and fabrics that remind us of childhood memories. Each beautiful piece Lori Glavin creat