VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 3: Hale, Krysa, Groome, Vardimon, Matisse, Hoch

The commonality of this virtual curation is the process of collage - the collecting, cutting, and combining paper pieces to create new compositions. This grouping features both contemporary and historical representation, which seamlessly blend together due to the classical references in both technique and subject matter in the modern selections. Contrast is a key element in this curation, with colour contradicting greyscale and photographic depictions balancing flat colour fields. Two genres of collage, painting based and photography based, come together in this grouping of work and, as a whole, the collection effectively alternates and abstracts figurative form and explores the interactions

Owen Falco Drysdale

New York artist Owen Falco Drysdale brings paint into the third dimension with his sculptural gradients. Each piece has a personality and when grouped together their slight differences create striking contrast for viewers. Each of Drysdale's sculptures appears to be a cross-sectional slice of colour, either a piece of white cut open to reveal gorgeous blends of colour or a vibrant hue split to reveal a clean, white center. The shapes are sharp yet soft, cut with perfectly symmetrical precision for flawlessly rounded corners. These sculptural colour studies allow their gradients to play with their structural appearance by conveying weight, shadow, and highlight. These effects create illusions

David Cardoso

David Cardoso is an artist currently based in Lisbon who creates dynamic, painted abstractions. While each piece is undoubtedly a painting, his work collides with the disciplines of drawing and collage due to their layered and graphic natures. Cardoso's paintings play with depth to confuse and disorient the viewer. He stacks objects to intentionally push against the brushstrokes weighed down with shadow. Yet, somehow these brushstrokes still sit on top of forms that feel lighter than air. Wobbly lines and scruffy colour fields compete with clean cut rectangles that sit on the surface of the work in attention grabbing colours like cobalt blue and scarlet. Heavy amounts of black also give the