Nicole Czapinski

Artist Nicole Czapinski, who is currently based in Vermont as an artist in residence at The Vermont Studio Centre, creates beautifully simple and delicate drawings that we adore. Perception of Czapinski's work shifts with observation. The thread that floats on the surface of her stretched fabric shifts from the appearance of a flat illusion of depth and perspective to a realized three-dimensional form. Czapinski states, "the work consists of a wooden frame with a stretched surface that is hung on a wall and so it reads as a painting. But when you get closer to the work there is depth and a space that breathes just beneath the surface and then the surface blurs and while they start out as pai

Joe Carrazzo

Joe Carrozzo is based in Long Island, NY and has a body of work that both is both charming and disconcerting. His work consists of vibrant colour use and energetic paint handling, which gives each painting a sense of life, but not reality. The figures and colours are distorted by this quick wet on wet application of paint, and they are created with decisive brushstrokes. There is a narrative quality to the exaggerated and almost cartoon-like forms, and their child-like innocence tames even his raciest subject matter. There is also an element of humour to Carrazzo's work, and he describes it as "sarcastic and having a perverse fascination with the stupid choices people make and the unpredicta

STUDIO VISIT: Joanna McFarland

Joanna McFarland invited us into her studio and gallery in the Prince Edward County, and told us how she started creating art, the tools she uses to create her large, energetic paintings, and some exciting things 2017 has brought for her! So did you attend any schooling for visual art? J: No, my background is in dental hygiene. But I had the opportunity to live in Belgium for five years from 83-89 and was able to visit lots of galleries and museums. When I came back, then that’s when I really started painting. I always dabbled in crafts and things with my hands, but it really helped me develop an appreciation for what I was seeing. My treat to myself was going to the Louvre, which was only

Sarah Sands Phillips

Sarah Sands Phillips is based in Toronto and her minimal, poetic work is rooted in of explorations of sentiment and beauty. The work Sands Phillips creates appears effortless and simple, while many are more labour intensive than they seem. Most of her work is process based and lacking visual imagery, leaving the viewer to digest subtle shapes, colour shifts, and patterns. Because of this, the context and language Sands Phillips uses to frame each work, such as titles and accompanying pieces of writing, are incredibly important to the understanding of each series. For example, her body of work "Photographs of Canada" features photographic images that are no longer recognizable because their