Kathryn Macnaughton

Kathryn Macnaughton is a Toronto based abstract painter and graphic designer. Her work has a balance of expressive marks and graphic moments that make her paintings only her own! Macnaughton's entire body of work is impressively unified. Her use of the colour black is consistent and gives each painting a heavily graphic quality. Macnaughton uses contrast to her advantage in her practice, pitting fluid and transparent brushstrokes against crisp and opaque geometric forms. She stacks each painting up layer by layer, and allows the shapes to build up and interact with each other. However, Macnaughton is still able to keep her compositions feeling planned and well balanced. Elements in her work

Say hello to Miel & D'Ari of "Villas"

Photo by Masha Nazina This incredible musical duo spoke with us about their current project Villas and we can't wait to share it on the website! They told us about their experience of moving to the county and their non-profit initiative Dark Spark! #sparkboxstudio

Anna Valdez

Anna Valdez, who is based in Oakland California, creates beautiful and bright paintings that celebrate the things that make a house a home. We absolutely adore them! Valdez uses a vivid colour palette to depict boldly patterned items, including rugs, books, fabric and plants. We find many of these re-appearing motifs throughout her large and consistent body of work, which speaks to how strongly we form attachment to personal belongings and spaces. She states the purpose of the objects in her paintings is "to understand the domestic sphere as emblematic of both personal and collective experience." Each work is lovingly painted, and the imperfect sense of depth and perspective only adds to the

Presenting the couple behind Spark Box Studio!

Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping are the masterminds behind Spark Box Studio and let us stay in their incredible space for the past week! We had a conversation with them about their experiences in art school, how they started Spark Box, and how their art practices have been changed by running a business! We can't wait to share their story with you! #sparkboxstudio

Meet our fellow Spark Box resident Amanda Rataj!

We had the lovely opportunity to interview Amanda Rataj, a handweaver who is also staying at Spark Box Studio this week! She talked to us about her home studio, the importance of supporting local textile artists, and a new project she has coming up with the Royal Ontario Museum. Stay tuned for the full interview, which will be posted soon! #sparkboxstudio

Meet the artists of Cranston Gallery on Main!

Guy Cranston and Sharon Fox Cranston invited us to their gallery Cranston Gallery on Main, which shows the work they create, as well as the work of Guy's brother Toller Cranston. Their gallery is open from May to December, but they let us have a peek inside! Read our complete conversation on the website soon! #sparkboxstudio

Introducing Joanna McFarland!

Today we were invited to the gorgeous studio and gallery of Joanna McFarland in Wellington, ON! It was a morning full of large paintings, puppy cuddles, and a discussion of how music can be a career-changing influence. The whole studio visit will be posted soon! #sparkboxstudio

Getting to know Aiden Haley

We visited the studio of local Picton artist Aiden Haley, and saw paintings inspired by his travels across the country! He spoke about painting from memory, the Group of Seven, and what it means to live in Prince Edward County. Read all about it when the full studio visit is posted soon! #sparkboxstudio

Say hello to Andrea Piller!

Today we visited Andrea Piller in her home and studio! She fed us tea and cookies and chatted with us about her work. She is creating funky objects out of clay, and we can't wait to show them to you in a full "Studio Visit" post coming soon! #sparkboxstudio

David Keating

Berlin based artist David Keating creates wonderfully minimal sculptural drawings that remind us of marinas and playgrounds at the same time! Keating shows his works in a variety of locations, from gallery spaces to grassy parks, that offer his viewers a wide range of ways to interact with his pieces. He incorporates opposite materials, hard steel and soft segments of rope, which he stiffens with additives such as paint. We love that when hardened, the rope mimics the metal in an interesting and unexpected way. The metal structures are reminiscent of frames, while the hanging rope speak of loose, graphic gestures. Each piece feels simultaneously planned and intuitive, the rope adds a quality

EXHIBITION: Adhesive Love

Eastern Edge Gallery's rOGUE exhibition space is currently displaying Adhesive Love, a compelling body of work by local artist and activist Alex Noel. The walls of the cozy gallery space are peppered with small, intriguing paintings, which alternate between depicting unclear greyscale forms and pale pink fields punctured by magenta and teal. The brushstrokes Noel employs obscure the paintings' subject matter, however close inspection reveals figures simultaneously blending in with each other and their background surfaces. I found myself questioning where one body begins and where the other ends! The body language conveyed by these figures ranges from a tension filled football huddle to inti

Hello from Spark Box Studio!

This week we are two of the lucky residents of Spark Box Studio run by Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping. Our residency will be jam packed with writing, interviews, and printing something exciting! This new blog is where we will post all of our adventures here in Picton, ON, so stay tuned! #sparkboxstudio

Jim Darling

Artist Jim Darling, who works out of LA, creates these captivating snapshot-like paintings of airplane windows. They are actually mounted beneath three-dimensional window frames! Darling's paintings have a dramatic contrast between their clean white "airplane walls" and the painted world beyond. Through this, clean, crisp, and white lines and machine made shapes strike against organic, loose, and colourful brushstrokes. These paintings display a combination of abstracted landscape and realistic imagery. Some contain hints of a recognizable location and others appear to be content in their non-specificity. This body of work gives us feelings of nostalgia, which is a highly relatable emotion f