INTERVIEW: Penelope Smart

Penelope Smart moved from Toronto, ON to St. John's, NL to become the director of Eastern Edge Gallery. She spoke with us about her love of writing, her experience on the island, and her dream gallery space! If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist in the world who would you choose? Meret Oppenheim. The inter-war era she was active in is mesmerizing to me, and Surrealism had a lot of playful yet broad-minded ideas going on. She's an Art History headliner but she's always been a favourite. Maybe Charles Rennie MackIntosh. Mary Shelley! Do you have a book, movie, or video you've read or seen recently you'd recommend to other artists or writers? Last winter I watched The Red Sh

Ben Skinner

Vancouver based artist Ben Skinner is a multidisciplinary artist who celebrates the banal and captures moments of everyday. He creates work across a wide range of mediums, though our favourites of his practice are his sculpture and text work Skinner's series "2 inch solid cubes" is the perfect example of a simple idea executed effectively to create an unexpectedly interesting outcome. This series of multiples pushes an uncomplicated concept to its limits. While Skinner constrains himself to certain guidelines, through size and shape, the material opportunities for this project is endless. We find ourselves drawn to the materials we recognize and intrigued by those we cannot identity. One of

Evan Trine

Evan Trine is an artist based in California who creates digital works blurring the line between painting and digital art. We love his bright and bold colour palettes, and could spend hours puzzling out their subject matter. The apparent depth of Trine's works, caused in part by their effective framing and hanging, aligns them with the tradition of painting. Each piece reads as an object, not a printed image pinned flatly on a wall. We can't help but associate their large scale, striking colour, and simplified content with minimal painting masters like Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Stella, whose work offered a similar emotion to viewers. Trine works within the practice of abstraction with these d

One month from now...

We will be at Spark Box Studio for their Emerging Artist Residency for a week of writing, studio visits, and printing, not to mention our open call for interviews! Interested in being interviewed? Contact us here. ​ #news

Erin Lynn Welsh

Brooklyn based painter Erin Lynn Welsh creates beautiful nature inspired paintings full of spontaneous mark making. Her subject matter and colour palette make us think of gardens and warmer weather! Welsh works with small, energetic brushstrokes that gives each work a wonderful quickness and energy. The varying thicknesses of paint enhance the textured appearance and make us wish we could see each one up close! Welsh experiments with different levels of abstraction throughout her bodies of work, and the paintings with comparatively representational elements borrow tropes from photography, such as contrasting focal points and soft lens flares. The use of diptychs is also a method that Welsh e