LOOK & LISTEN: The Artist is Present

Marina Abramovic - The Artist is Present follows Marina through the preparation, planning, and execution of her three month retrospective exhibition at MOMA in 2010. The documentary offers insights about Abramovic's personal and professional life, such as childhood impacts, romantic partners, and past performances. Mirroring the way The Artist is Present is a retrospective of Marina's artistic career, the film recounts the events of her life during the creation of her famous works. We meet Ulay, her both romantic and artistic partner of 12 years, who shared in the creation and performance of some of her most provocative pieces. The Artist is Present was not just the title of the exhibition,

Jeremy Miranda

Massachusetts based artist Jeremy Miranda creates glowing, dream-like paintings that overlap interior and exterior worlds in complex and unexpected ways. These paintings remind us that work can be both realistic and surreal at the same time! Miranda states that his paintings are a patching together of collected photographs, sketches, plein air studies, and memory. While elements in each painting may feel familiar, their odd combinations create surreal and mysterious spaces for viewers. The paintings feel and look quickly completed, yet have moments of incredibly refined detail that we find captivating! Picturesque moments in nature are a common thread that ties Jeremy Miranda's unique body o

Fideli Sundqvist

Fideli Sundqvist of Sweden creates imaginative and innovative scenes out of only paper! We love how he is able to render such complex images and objects using a simple, yet challenging, material. Rich, bright and vibrant colours are used through out Sundqvist's large body of work. He utilizes light in the capturing of these images to give them realistic depth, like in the shading of a bird's feathers, a tree branch, or a juicy piece of steak! While most of Sundqvist's work represent 3D objects in a 3D manner, there are elements throughout that remain flat, simple, and unquestionably reference their material source. Fideli Sundqvist creates fun and complex images using paper in ways we could

Jill Platner

NYC based artist Jill Platner creates charming work that crosses the boundaries of drawing and sculpture. Originally a jewelry designer, she went from making "wearable sculptures" to large scale works in metal. Platner's work is often flat, minimal and created with the possibility of movement in mind. We love that Platner hangs the sculptures, allowing movement and interaction with the work to become part of the experience, whether that means manipulating the pieces on their hinges or creating a breeze when walking by. Hanging the sculptures also gives the heavy, thick steel the illusion of weightlessness. River, which is hung on a crane hook, has the ability to collapse and expand, allowi