VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 2: Benning, MacDonald, Miller, Haidar, McCavour, Varey

This virtual curation centers around textile and fibre based works to prove thread and fabric are interdisciplinary. They are capable of spanning across painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, and photography in an incredible way. These works also have diversity in size and subject matter. Benning's piece could fit in the palm of your hand, while McCavour's larger than life installation hangs higher than one can reach and the abstract work of MacDonald contrasts with the suggestive representational "paintings" created by Varey. Each artist is pushing the boundary of traditional media in contemporary contexts and reminds us of our appreciation for the hand-made. These pieces would look ju

Markus Hofer

Markus Hofer is an Austrian artist whose bright and colourful drip-like works caught our attention! These works are installed in clever and unexpected locations, making them even more captivating. Hofer is able to create these incredible sculptures out of minimal materials and found objects. We think the way his works interact with their surroundings in seemingly effortless ways is so effective. The metal drips forgo all of their expected material qualities and instead imitate the qualities of a fluid, frozen in time. The contradiction between the illusions the sculptures create and what Hofer's works are actually made of fills them with irony. We also love how the site specificity of these

Richard Caldicott

London based Richard Caldicott has an extensive body of work spanning across mediums, including painting, drawing, and photography. We especially love his collage work because they are simple yet so impactful! Caldicott's collages utilize minimal materials and unusual shapes to create interesting compositions. They contain satisfyingly crisp shadows and highlights that bring the pieces to life and give each collage a sense of depth when combined with the use of sharp, perspective-mimicking angles. The colours used in these works are limited yet refined, and when placed on a neutral gray ground they really pop! Each collage is composed of tangible material Caldicott transforms into effective

Sarah Cale

Sarah Cale, an artist currently based in Brussels, has an unconventional and diverse body of paintings. While she employs a variety of techniques that shift as her art practice develops, she is able to successfully maintain her own unique voice in each work. Cale creates her pieces by layering the images on their surfaces, combining fragments of past paintings to create whole new ones, and cutting raw canvas into free-hanging fringes. While technically distinct, her paintings are unified by their colour palettes, consisting of beautiful neutrals interrupted by pops of vibrant, unexpected hues. Cale also carries common motifs throughout her work. She fabricates unique forms that fit into eac