EXHIBITION: Don't They Every Stop Migrating by Jinny Yu

Don't They Ever Stop Migrating? by Jinny Yu is currently on display at The Rooms in St. John's, Newfoundland. This three-dimensional painting explores both abstraction and the experience of migration, and was first presented at the 56th Venice Biennale. The gallery walls are enveloped on all sides by fabric peppered with black, feather like marks. The brushstrokes vary in size, creating a sense of space and depth that resembles birds flying in the sky. Voices swirl into the gallery space and listeners hear phrases such as, "what are you," and, "where did you come from," from Alfred Hitchcock's film The Birds, repeated over and over. "The abstracted marks and collaged sounds in Don’t They E

Berta Fischer

German artist Berta Fischer creates these lovely sculptural installations that are full of light. They have an intuitive and playful energy that we adore! Fischer uses an acrylic material that is clear as glass, reflective, or iridescent, depending on how she manipulates it. Each piece, while appearing to be neutral, is streaked with colour that feels almost unpredictable. We love how light is a strong element Fischer's work and it give each piece a sense of fragility while they are simultaneously structurally strong. The transformation of ridged, two dimensional materials into organic sculptural objects gives them a sense of movement and fluidity. Berta Fischer's installations seem to be a

Arden Bendler Browning

Abstracted landscape paintings by Philadelphia based artist Arden Bendler Browning are full of energy and truly make us want to paint! These paintings create a meeting point for landscape and architectural imagery. While they have moments that appear to be from a photographic reference, this layering of familiar imagery creates a unreal and flat space . She adds to this strangeness through a beautiful non localized colour palette and the high contrast created between neon and muted colours. The loose brush strokes and use of thin and thick paint increase the sense of mystery in Bendler Browning's work. Each painting is made with a unique painting material called Flashe , which allows the p

Shannon Rankin

Shannon Rankin, an artist who lives and works in Maine, has focused her practice around using maps as a material. She takes this practical item and transforms it into something aesthetic and incredible! In each work she allows the materiality of the paper to influence the final result. For example, in "Falls," it is the weight of the paper that pulls the piece into beautiful arcs. She cuts the paper in shapes that mimic a plot of land or an elevation line, further aligning it with the imagery on the surface of the maps. These works also have a compelling sense of temporality because of their installation on the wall. They can be changed and rehung in seemingly endless variations, which mirro

Lynn Aldrich

Los Angeles based sculpture and installation artist Lynn Aldrich transforms everyday objects into installations in a beautiful and brilliant way. Aldrich uses layering as a technique in her work. She builds up both colour and materials to create surprising sculptures and installations. The stacking she implements, changes her pieces from their two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional artworks. This layering is emphasized by the use of gradient colour, creating depth and separates each layer from the next. These works have a strong tactile quality, from the familiar source material of fabric, plastic and paper. Its easy to imagine what these pieces would feel like if we ran our finger