VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 1: Gillick, Keating, Caro, Sandbeck, Aldrich, Boysen

When we curated our first virtual show, we focused mostly on works that were both structurally complicated with a focused colour palette. Caro's sculpture adds a pop of unexpected and complimentary colour amongst the blue and white. We also love the juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms in this collection of works. If this was exhibited together in a gallery space, it would have a sense of unity and energy from the striking forms interacting against each other! Liam Gillick, And a mirror... Or a mirror..., 2016 David Keating, Blue Arch, 2010. Carpet, Steel, Clue, Acrylic Anthony Caro, Capital, 1960. Steel, painted Fred Sandbeck, Untitled, 1975. Linocut Lynn Aldrich, Water Feature, 201

Eva Magill-Oliver

American artist Eva Magill-Oliver's body of paintings and drawings are impressively unified. We love how each work is loose and full of playful energy! Layers of patterns interrupt and interact with each other while allowing for a sense of light to remain within the blank central spaces. Magill-Oliver is refreshingly unafraid of leaving large areas open. Also, her body of work utilizes an extremely consistent colour palette. This uniformity is broken up, however, with the wide range of mark making tools used, each one creating an enjoyable range in the different qualities of line. While the patterns within each piece may be intending to reference nature, the colours of white and grey with vi

Henrik Eiben

Henrik Eiben is a multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. We were instantly drawn to his body of work and the way it fluctuates between drawing and sculpture, which just adds to its charm. Each one of Eiben's work is simple and crisp which makes them so visually effective. A sense of spontaneity exists in the irregular assemblages of shapes in these 3D collages. "Voyager" reminds us of a dry stone wall and each segment in "Yellow Bird" reminds us of a giant popsicle stick! Its amazing how Eiben is able to bring the playful and effortless nature of childhood crafts to life with this body of work, especially in his actual popsicle stick works, such as "Porter." On top

Britton Tolliver

L.A. based artist Britton Tolliver wows us with his acrylic paintings full of energy and unpredictable colour palettes. This is a body of work that we can't get enough of! His works appear almost too perfect to be made by hand and more like computer glitches than paintings, although each piece is much larger than the average computer screen. The lattice grids and the gradient forms are the common threads throughout his body of work that amplify this computer-like quality. However, these works have a depth to them that separates them from the digital world, specifically through the way the varying size grids interact with each other and give a sense of foreground and background. Layers appear

Caroline Holder

Caroline Holder is a ceramic artist currently based in New York. We think her pieces are a beautiful combination of drawing, sculpture and ceramics, and make us want to take a pottery class to make our own porcelain tool kit! Her series "Conflict of Interest" features ivory ceramic sculptures that convincingly resemble hammers and are embellished with striking black designs and patterns. At first glance, they may appear to be the real objects, but hitting a nail with one would cause it to shatter. This material quality of the porcelain they are made of transitions the pieces from functional to aesthetic objects. The surface design of each one continues to emphasize its aesthetic purpose, and