INTERVIEW: Patrick Cruz

Patrick Cruz is a candidate for a Masters of Fine Art at the University of Guelph and recent RBC Painting Award winner. We had the amazing opportunity to visit his studio, where he shared insights on his work, advice for other artists, and information on his exciting Kamias Triennial! If you could collaborate with any other artist in the world who would it be? Santiago Bose, a Filipino Contemporary folk artist who passed away in 2003. He was the first artist I encountered when I was 17. After seeing his exhibition I was blown away. I thought, "I want to work like that." I think he would be the person that I would love to collaborate with and pick his brain to learn the reasons why he made ar

Johnny Abrahams

Johnny Abrahams, based in New York, is a painter who creates extremely fascinating illusions with nothing but lines. We admire the patience it must take to create these graphic paintings! Abrahams uses only minimal colour and visual elements in his work, yet we love how the final paintings are complex and disorient our gaze. The destabilization within Abrahams' work is created through the simple and effective interactions of lines. The consistent and repeated lines creates the illusion of form on the surface of the paintings, as well as unifying them as a complete body of work. The interaction of the contrasting light and dark lines and forms compete simultaneously for our attention and crea

Jamie North

Australian artist Jamie North has an art practice that is both consistent and impressive. His innovative sculptures caught our eye with their breathtaking combinations of vegetation and stone. In North's work, contrast is the name of the game as they are a clever combination of the city and the natural world, two seemingly separate things. Bright green plants and small ecosystem-like worlds have overtaken and sit within large pieces of stone, concrete and rubble, making this a body of work that is alive and changing. The sculptures are bursting with poetic potential, and they bring to mind ideas of recovery, rebirth, and the ways destruction can always be repaired and rebuilt. These works im

Emma Carney

University of Guelph graduate Emma Carney creates beautifully enigmatic paintings full of deep purples and pops of vibrant colour. We are so jealous of this exciting body of work! These paintings cause us to search far into their surface for possible subject matter and imagery, but they don't give up any of their secrets so we keep coming back for more. A layer of shimmery liquid, almost like the stain of gasoline, that appears in these works gives them amazing depth and texture. A wonderful tension is created when this muddy ground is disrupted with clean, bright, and controlled lines in contrastingly bright colours, giving these seemingly spontaneous paintings a decisive quality. Also, the