EXHIBITION: Sane and Normal

The Boarding House Gallery downtown Guelph is currently showing the final exhibition from the capstone painting class at the University of Guelph. Sane and Normal presents a glimpse into the practice of the twenty-two artists in Painting IV. With most students in the Painting IV class graduating this Spring, this show is a final celebration of the four years we have worked in the studio side by side. The close interaction between classmates have influenced each of our practices, creating interesting juxtapositions and relationships among the bodies of work we have produced. The show is open from March 24th till April 2nd, with the opening on March 31st from 7 to 9pm. The show featured the wo

Tanya Linney

Photographer Tanya Linney has a diverse body of works, including these beautifully vague and mysterious images. They have us searching for narrative within their engaging abstractions. All of these photographs have an interruption that wonderfully slows our ability to read the subject matter, through her techniques of reflecting, blurring, and over exposing the images. Without explicit subject matter, colour becomes an extremely important element in the work, and it effectively creates a unique mood in every image. We enjoy the way these images celebrate the imperfect photograph, while still successfully offering the viewer enough information to create their own narratives. These works by Ta

Rossana Taormina

Italian artist Rossana Taormina's work make us swoon! Vintage photos, thread, and a rockin' hair bow all combine to make an extremely compelling body of work that uses thread to visually represent love. Thread is used to cut through the space between figures, making their interactions the focal point of her work. For us, the thread depicts the invisible ties between loved ones. For example, the child in "Give Birth (Biography #7)" is lovingly supported by a geometric halo of thread. In "Palermo #2," the thread enhances the sexual tension that exists in the postcard of the Fontana della Vergogna, also known as "the fountain of shame." The thread acts as a web, trapping the statues in their r

Amy Greenan

Amy Greenan explores the narrative qualities of abandoned houses. Their simplified forms and muted colours allow us to bring our own interpretation of the spaces to each work. They're both beautiful and spooky! The colours are mostly low intensity with wonderful pops of bright pastels. We love how Greenan has worked wet on wet, which allows us to see the process behind each painting, including her additive and subtractive methods of mark making. She depicts each house as a portrait and therefore they are all full of character, but still have a sense of anonymity because of their lack of personal items, such as furniture. The way light and dark is used to create depth and the illusion of spa

Stella Cade

Stella Cade is a Toronto based painter who's primary focus is the female figure. Look at those colours! We love how the women are not idealized, and her paintings feels raw, unapologetic, and relatable. She uses a combination of local and non-local colour, which gives the work a sense of unreality and contributes to the construction of each model's identity. The replacement of real space in the background of the work with colour washes and geometric forms causes the models to become the primary focus. The paint handling itself is delightfully energetic, with even the most finished areas of the painting feeling quick and decisive. Her body of work as a whole displays a sense of empowerment th