INTERVIEW: Allanah Vokes

Allanah Vokes is a Sarnia and Guelph based artist who graduated with a Studio Art degree from the University of Guelph in 2015. We love her intricate collages, facinating line drawings, and hilarious multiples. Here's an inside look at the process behind her practice, as well as a sneak peek at some new projects she's working on. We’ll start off with some fun questions, then we’ll get into the juicy stuff. If you could collaborate with any other artist in the world, who would it be? I would love to collaborate with Jorinde Voigt, a German artist. She is an excellent drawer, and I would consider my work to be drawing. She does these magnificent, huge line based drawings, kind of like my motio

James Clar

The bright neon light installations by James Clar impress us with their technical complexity yet satisfying simplicity. They pull us in like a moth to a porch light, and we could keep staring at them for hours! We can imagine these works to be visually entrancing when viewing them in person. They way they would become a beacon of light in a dark gallery would enable them to embody the same awe and wonder that are reflected from the natural phenomenon they are based off: the strike of lightening and a lunar eclipse. Clar's work also has its moments of humour, specifically in "Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!," which pleasantly reminds us of going down a playground slide. We also enjoy the way Clar's body of

Susan Tooke

The paintings of Susan Tooke make us wish for warm weather and an adventure outdoors. They are wonderfully bright and happy, with plenty of energy. Tooke's use of non local colours to abstractly depict Canadian landscapes take us to a different exotic land in every work. Each painting appears to have a colourful foundation that beautifully shows through the cracks in the earth and between tree leaves. The loose suggestion of nature and landscape without exact representation is what makes Tooke's work interesting. Also, complimentary colour really makes these works pop. The sketches, while probably studies, have a satisfying charm and sense of calm of their own due to the loose marks and mut

Joy Walker

If we had to describe Toronto-based artist Joy Walker's work in four words, not five, they would be: minimal, linear, sleek, and freakin' clever! Each work's title seems to be a simple description of what it is, but this simplicity is pleasantly deceiving. "Six Grids, Five Folds" is not actually made of graph paper, and "Four Lines Not Five" is not the line drawing it appears to be. Walker also blurs the line between the 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional by taking materials that traditionally lay flat, such as vinyl and tape, and manipulating them into 3-Dimensional objects. "Two Leaning Triangles" and "One Leaning Triangle" could easily be confused for a line drawing if not for the crease of