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Anti-Racism Action Plan

The goal of our project is to give artists connections and opportunities to be seen and heard, to build a community with our peers, and to help artists gain practical skills and knowledge to navigate the art world. 


The Gathered Gallery is run by two emerging Canadian artists and writers who aim to amplify other artists' work. As white/white adjacent cis women we acknowledge our privilege and must further dedicate time to learning and growing as individuals. We know that we must implement real change to the structure of our platform to amplify BIPOC artists and remove barriers. The lack of diversity in our programming and artist features is an imbalance we are committed to changing. 


BIPOC artists are actively underrepresented and silenced across Canada, and their work is appropriated by white artists and institutions. They are exploited by the oppressive systems of the art world in which we participate. We recognize providing a platform for BIPOC artists, amplifying the voices of Black artists, and ensuring that adequate time and resources are put into our continual re-education are absolutely vital. Black Lives Matter, and we stand in solidarity with all anti-racism initiatives working towards ending white supremacy and police brutality.


Action steps:


  • We have made financial contributions to organizations including Black Lives Matter, Across Boundaries, Black Legal Action Centre, Justice for Regis, and the Minnesota Freedom Fund personally and on behalf of The Gathered Gallery. We plan to donate funds raised through future programming

  • Sharing resources and opportunities for BIPOC artists on our social media and website


  • Prioritizing equal representation and committing to amplify BIPOC voices by sharing their work through interviews and features


  • Removing our submission fee for self-identifying BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ artists

  • Offering a subsidized rate for our workshops for self-identifying BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ artists 


We understand that effective and true allyship is an ongoing process that requires active, daily work and must be a part of every decision we make moving forward. We are committed to the lifelong process of meaningful allyship. 



Emily & Natalie 

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