A six week intensive designed to help artists build professional practices & creative careers




You're ready to launch your art career... so where do you start?

When we started out, no matter how much paint we bought, we still felt like we didn't have everything we needed to build a successful studio practice

Like us, you might find yourself looking for:

Studio and inventory systems that give you more time to make art
A professional portfolio that is worthy of the work you create
Opportunities to share your work and receive support
A strong money mindset to build a thriving practice
Insight on the endless possibilities of creative careers


We built After Art School for you, and it's full of everything we wish we knew. 


How it works

Topics have been curated into 

bite-sized weekly chunks

This six-week intensive program is built for artists as they build professional arts practices.


After Art School has been thoughtfully curated with feedback from artists across careers and experiences to create conversations, spark inspiration, and demystify the art world.


This program creates opportunity for knowledge sharing and connection for artists at similar places in their careers.   

Program Information

May 15 - June 27, 2021

Live Zoom Sessions: Thursdays, 7:30 pm EST

(recorded for those unable to make the live calls)

  • Access to a virtual community 

  • Resources, examples, and information on weekly topics

  • Opportunities for questions and answers

  • Prompting questions on the topic for discussion and reflection

  • Content will be available for the duration of the program and a bonus two weeks 

Each week will feature a presenter with expertise and experience

in the focused topic!

Week 1: Artist Essentials

May 16 - 22

Live Zoom Call:

Thursday, May 20

7:30 PM EST (recorded)

  • Artist glossary: helpful terms and concepts

  • Tools for project planning

  • Must-know resources

  • And more!


This week's presenters:

Emily Pittman & Natalie Field (The Gathered Gallery)

Week 2: Portfolios & Studio Systems

May 23 - 29

Live Zoom Call:

Thursday, May 27

7:30 PM EST (recorded)

  • Inventory up-keeping and organization

  • Writing an artist statement and bio

  • Artwork documentation

  • And more!

This week's presenters:

Chrissy Poitras & Kyle Topping (Spark Box Studio)

Week 3: Applications 101

May 30 - June 5

Live Zoom Call:

Thursday, June 3

7:30 PM EST (recorded)

  • How to write an application

  • Exhibitions, residencies, and grants

  • Examples of successful applications

  • And more!


This week's presenter:

Daniel Rumbolt

Week 4: Platforms & Galleries

June 6 - 12

Live Zoom Call:

Thursday, June 10

7:30 PM EST (recorded)

  • Selling from your studio

  • Working with curators and galleries

  • Building a strong website and social media 

  • And more!


This week's presenter:

Alissa Sexton

Week 5: Money & Mindset

June 13 - 19

Live Zoom Call:

Thursday, June 17

7:30 PM EST (recorded)

  • Creating a healthy money mindset

  • Tracking income and expenses

  • Planning for the future

  • And more!


This week's presenter:

Nicole Hand (Artist with Abundance)

Week 6: Creative Careers

June 20 - 26

Live Zoom Call:

Thursday, June 24

7:30 PM EST (recorded)

  • Building a career in the arts

  • Artists working across disciplines

  • Continuing education: pros and cons

  • And more!

A Panel Discussion on Creative Careers, featuring:

Sarah Jones (Jones Gallery)

Katie Marie Bruce

Ibrahim Abusitta

Jane Walker




We met in our first semester of the University of Guelph's Studio Art program in 2012 and knew we'd found a friend for life. After we graduated in 2016 we created The Gathered Gallery to support artists; it started as a blog featuring a different artist every week, and it has grown into a project with a digital artist residency, a virtual critique group, and professional development workshops.


Now After Art School is our newest adventure and we can't wait to dive in! 

WHAT artists

are saying

"I want to say how incredible this program sounds. After I graduated in 2018 I felt so lost in how to develop myself as an artist. I was like well now I can draw... but how do I job? They don't teach you a lot of what you've included in University. It took me years to figure all this stuff out on my own, so many artists will value this. I'm not religious but I would consider this a holy bible for artists."



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We have implemented a payment option (above) to support artists facing barriers and statistically fewer opportunities in galleries, magazines, and institutions.


For more information on accessible pricing options please reach out at